Philanthropy Efforts of Bruce Acacio led Infinite Corporation

While Infinite Corporation always believed in giving back to the community, Bruce Acacio has further reinforced the ideas in many aspects. When it comes to social investment, Infinite Charitable Giving Program is the primary funding body of the organization.

Below are some of the major contributions of Infinite Corporation:


STEM Education

Infinite Corporation regularly offers grants for programs in the field of science, technology, and engineering. The top IT services provider realizes the importance of technology in modern times, and thus encourages educational programs to prepare youth for future jobs.

Environmental sustainability

Infinite Corporation realizes the importance of clean air and water. The company offers grants to nonprofit organizations committed to make Earth a better place for future generations. Bruce Acacio also acknowledges the importance of recycling and conservation.

Community efforts

With the guidance of Bruce Acacio, Infinite recently started working with Mama’s Kitchen. The San Diego based nonprofit organization provides free meals to families affected by AIDS and cancer.

Being a global IT services provider, Infinite Corporation is committed to social causes in local communities. Visit to learn about philanthropic programs of Infinite Corporation.


Infinite Migrates Infor BPCS/LX to Linux

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider, announced today that it has completed the migration of BPCS/LX from the IBM I Series (AS/400) to Linux.

Paving the way for AS/400 users to migrate to Linux

Mr Bruce Acacio (CEO) announced that Infinite has completed the migration of the ERP system named BPCS/LX from the IBM iSeries operating environment to Linux.  This migration was fairly complex in that there were over six million lines of RPG, RPG ILE, CL and DDS code to be recompiled and deployed.  Using Infinite’s toolset, Infinite i, to recompile and deploy the applications took less than 6 months.  The migration was performed for a global food products company based in the United States.


The company had several goals for rehosting BPCS/LX to Linux.  First, they wanted their data to be resident in Oracle, second they wanted their hardware environment to be virtualized using VMWare and third, they required the applications to be able to execute in a graphical Interface without having to write one.  Infinite met all the company’s objectives at a cost that was much lower than the cost of maintaining the applications on their aging IBM I Series servers.

Infinite’s toolsets and services have been used in thousands of AS/400 migrations worldwide.  As resources to support RPG and COBOL applications become more scarce, and as the importance to share data with other applications becomes critical, using the Infinite toolset and services makes more sense for companies that require a response to the problem of legacy applications.  In this particular case, the BPCS applications in use could not be easily replaced by new applications because they had been so heavily customized.  The cost of rewriting the application was estimated to be over USD3M.  The migration costs to the client of Infinite’s tools and services was less than 1/10 the rewrite estimate.   

To learn more about migrating AS/400 applications to Linux, Windows or UNIX, please visit

Safe Harbor Statement

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Infinite Completes AS/400 data migration to Oracle for Banco Santander

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider has announced today the completion of a large data migration from the IBM I (AS/400) platform to oracle.

The Infinite i Database Migration Tool for DB2 for IBM i is a tool set that takes a complete AS/400 data set and writes it all to Oracle or MS SQL without having to change the data at all.  It’s a completely automated process and it can provide a thorough and risk-free transition from a very proprietary database to an industry standard one.

When Banco Santander sought to bring legacy data form an AS/400 environment to Oracle, they looked at many different tool sets and services offerings. The decision to use the Infinite tool set was made because of Infinite’s deep knowledge of the AS/400 platform and the migration tool sets the company had built.  The bank’s goal was to migrate several terabytes of data to oracle so that the information from those systems that were no longer in use could be transitioned to an open database that would be utilized by other Oracle database-accessing systems.  The Infinite tool set allowed that to happen within 2 weeks and it provided a complete migration plan.

“We were very pleased to provide a solution for Banco Santander that met their goals of a fast and low risk data migration”, said Bruce Acacio, CEO, Infinite Corporation.  We have migrated complete applications and the attendant data in other units of Banco Santander, ” said Raquela Kaplan, Director of Marketing, Infinite Corporation.  “Because of that prior success, we were able to communicate the low-risk viability of our solution”, continued Kaplan.

Today, the former AS/400 data is operating natively in Oracle and is shared with other Oracle applications.  Having made the move from legacy, the new data environment provides for the use of data analysis tools that are in place for all of the bank’s Oracle data.  The move has strengthened both access and functionality of the information itself.