Bruce Acacio’s Infinite Team Achieves Client Objectives & Saves Project Cost

Infinite Corporation went through explosive expansion under the leadership of Bruce Acacio, and now handles big data migration projects for international brands. Migration of ERP system named BPCS/LX to Linux for US based global foods brand is just another recent example of company’s growth.

The complex migration project was completed in just 6 months. Infinite I toolset was deployed to complete the migration smoothly. The client had multiple goals for the project, and Bruce Acacio’s team made sure that all of them were met at stated time. Major goals were:

  • Virtualization of hardware environment through VMWare
  • Execution of applications in graphic interface
  • Data in Oracle

Cost advantage

Infinite Corporation brought cost advantages for the client by completing migration work at a cost that was much lower than using the same technology for its applications. Hence, the client saved a major portion of their rewriting budget by opting for migration.

Bruce Acacio led Infinite shared the project details in official press release published on company website.

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Philanthropy Efforts of Bruce Acacio led Infinite Corporation

While Infinite Corporation always believed in giving back to the community, Bruce Acacio has further reinforced the ideas in many aspects. When it comes to social investment, Infinite Charitable Giving Program is the primary funding body of the organization.

Below are some of the major contributions of Infinite Corporation:


STEM Education

Infinite Corporation regularly offers grants for programs in the field of science, technology, and engineering. The top IT services provider realizes the importance of technology in modern times, and thus encourages educational programs to prepare youth for future jobs.

Environmental sustainability

Infinite Corporation realizes the importance of clean air and water. The company offers grants to nonprofit organizations committed to make Earth a better place for future generations. Bruce Acacio also acknowledges the importance of recycling and conservation.

Community efforts

With the guidance of Bruce Acacio, Infinite recently started working with Mama’s Kitchen. The San Diego based nonprofit organization provides free meals to families affected by AIDS and cancer.

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Infinite Under Bruce Acacio’s Leadership in 2014

Under the guidance of Bruce Acacio, Infinite Corporation has achieved great milestones; year 2014 is no different for the leading IT firm.The company took major strategic decisions and launched new products to become more competitive in the market.

Below listed are the major achievements of Bruce Acacio :


Data Migration for Banco Santander

In August, Infinite helped the Spanish banking group in transferring huge amounts of critical data to Oracle. The time consuming process was completed in just two weeks with Infinite’s migration plan and toolset.

Migration for Global Food Products Brand

In the month of May, the global software and services provider announced that its team has complete data migration of ERP system from IBM iSeries to Linux. Bruce Acacio completed the challenging project in less than 6 months and managed to achieve all the objectives of client.


Infinite Releases Infinite I 10C

Early in March, Infinite released Infinite I 10C, a tool that migrates & deploys applications developed for AS400 platform to Linux, Windows and UNIX platforms. The migration tool brings various other advantages for companies interested in modernization and cloud-enablement.

Bruce Acacio is helping Infinite Corporation go for bigger projects and strategic partnerships. The company is one of the few global software and services providers that are going through phase of rapid expansion.

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Bruce Acacio is the Chief Executive Officer of INFINITE Corporation, and has played a crucial role in making the Orange County based software firm an international IT solutions provider. With a degree from St. Thomas University School of Law, Florida and vast experience with international brands like IBM, he guides the company everyday in positioning its products and services strongly in the competitive market.