As CEO of Infinite Corporation, Bruce Acacio oversees the development of the company’s growth and expansion internationally. During his tenure, Bruce Acacio helped to increase the number of products offered by the company from just 2 products to more than 300. He also shepherded Infinite’s operational growth from 1 location to more than 20 locations on 4 continents. The responsibility for daily operations as well as maintaining client relations and strategic partnerships also falls to Bruce Acacio in his post as CEO of the corporation.

Under his leadership, Infinite Corporation enjoys a reputation as a leader in IBM midrange migration and modernization technology. Beginning with just a few programmers and a small office, the company landed Honeywell International as its first client. Today, Bruce Acacio heads a company that boasts 100,000 installations in 56 countries.

As an example of the company’s expansion, in 2009, Mr. Acacio secured an agreement for Infinite Corporation to serve as a national seller of Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Enterprise portfolio. The move allowed Infinite Corporation to integrate regional selling strategies into HP’s 11 core U.S. markets.

A believer in corporate giving, Bruce Acacio translates a portion of the company’s success into assisting charities and nonprofit organizations. In 2011, Mr. Acacio and Infinite Corporation chose Mama’s Kitchen in San Diego, California. Mama’s Kitchen provides 3 meals a day, 365 days a year to people affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer. Originally, Mama’s Kitchen offered home deliveries of meals. Today, its services include donating groceries to bolster people’s food budgets.

Bruce Acacio earned a B.S. in Business as an undergraduate at Duquesne University. He went on to study law at St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami Gardens, Florida.


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