Bruce Acacio – CEO at INFINITE Corporation

A graduate of Duquesne University, Bruce Acacio (CEO of Infinite Corporation),California-based software solutions provider INFINITE Corporation. Mr. Acacio has shown a noteworthy talent for reviving struggling business models over his years of experience. Earlier in his career, he worked for the United Kingdom-based corporation Lex Service, PLC, in a management and sales capacity. He also served as an Agent Manager for International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. Mr. Acacio stepped up to direct INFINITE’s predecessor company, California Software Products, Inc. (CSPI) in 1998.

Under Bruce Acacio’s management, CSPI created the BABY/36 and BABY/AS 2000 products, which went on to earn several accolades. Initially marketing its services to users of AS/400 systems, CSPI began expanding its reach into other markets and went on to re-brand itself as California Software Corporation. Bruce Acacio continued managing the company as it became a leading example in the fields of legacy extension, business intelligence, and financial services software.

As CPSI’s CEO, Bruce Acacio(IT Entreprenur) was responsible for the development and release of the INFINITE software line, further stratifying the company’s position as a reliable information technology (IT) solutions supplier. Software Magazine honored the company as part of the Software 500 in 2005. Through strategic acquisitions and strong partnerships with the likes of HP Software Division to provide the best possible solutions for California Software’s purchasers, Bruce Acacio grew the company into its current embodiment as INFINITE Software Corporation in 2007. INFINITE continues its forerunners’ legacy of leading software production. The company operates out of locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, with over 100,000 of its products installed in 56 countries.

Apart from his experience in the leadership of (INFINITE Software)Bruce Acacio also holds a law degree from the St. Thomas School of Law in Miami Gardens, Florida, and maintains his membership with the American Bar Association. Mr. Acacio’s interests include running and reading, and lists William Faulker’s Light in August and Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 among his favorite works.


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