Infinite Completes AS/400 data migration to Oracle for Banco Santander

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider has announced today the completion of a large data migration from the IBM I (AS/400) platform to oracle.

The Infinite i Database Migration Tool for DB2 for IBM i is a tool set that takes a complete AS/400 data set and writes it all to Oracle or MS SQL without having to change the data at all.  It’s a completely automated process and it can provide a thorough and risk-free transition from a very proprietary database to an industry standard one.

When Banco Santander sought to bring legacy data form an AS/400 environment to Oracle, they looked at many different tool sets and services offerings. The decision to use the Infinite tool set was made because of Infinite’s deep knowledge of the AS/400 platform and the migration tool sets the company had built.  The bank’s goal was to migrate several terabytes of data to oracle so that the information from those systems that were no longer in use could be transitioned to an open database that would be utilized by other Oracle database-accessing systems.  The Infinite tool set allowed that to happen within 2 weeks and it provided a complete migration plan.

“We were very pleased to provide a solution for Banco Santander that met their goals of a fast and low risk data migration”, said Bruce Acacio, CEO, Infinite Corporation.  We have migrated complete applications and the attendant data in other units of Banco Santander, ” said Raquela Kaplan, Director of Marketing, Infinite Corporation.  “Because of that prior success, we were able to communicate the low-risk viability of our solution”, continued Kaplan.

Today, the former AS/400 data is operating natively in Oracle and is shared with other Oracle applications.  Having made the move from legacy, the new data environment provides for the use of data analysis tools that are in place for all of the bank’s Oracle data.  The move has strengthened both access and functionality of the information itself.


Bruce Acacio – CEO & Innovator at Infinite Corporation

A leader in the information technology industry, Bruce Acacio is the Chief Executive Officer at Infinite Corporation based in California. Throughout his life and career, Mr. Acacio has maintained involvement in several professional and charitable endeavors, attaining success in his pursuits.

An alumnus of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Bruce Acacio obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business, after which he enrolled in St. Thomas University School of Law in Florida. Despite his law degree, Mr. Acacio has chosen a career in the information technology sector, beginning as an Agent Manager for IBM. From IBM, Mr. Acacio joined California Software Products, Inc., (since then rebranded as Infinite Corporation), where he works currently.

Central to the development of Infinite Corporation since 1998, Bruce Acacio has overseen the company’s growth during his tenure with the firm, with expansion to international markets and the addition of products and services. From its origins as one office with two products, Infinite Corporation now commands a global presence with 20 offices on four continents and a growing menu of 300 products and services.

Among his recent accomplishments with Infinite Corporation, Mr. Acacio brokered a partnership with Hewlett-Packard (HP), which allows Infinite to sell and distribute HP Enterprise’s portfolio across the United States. Recognized for his contributions to the community, Bruce Acacio has volunteered resources to several causes in Southern California and elsewhere. At present, he has focused Infinite Corporation’s philanthropic efforts into a partnership with San Diego-based Mama’s Kitchen which provides free meals, delivery services, and more to individuals and families which have been affected by AIDs and cancer.

When not working, Mr. Acacio enjoys different recreational activities, working out at the gym and running when possible. An avid reader,  Bruce Acacio counts Fyodor Dostoevsky, William Faulkner, and Joseph Heller among his favorite authors.

Bruce Acacio – CEO at INFINITE Corporation

A graduate of Duquesne University, Bruce Acacio (CEO of Infinite Corporation),California-based software solutions provider INFINITE Corporation. Mr. Acacio has shown a noteworthy talent for reviving struggling business models over his years of experience. Earlier in his career, he worked for the United Kingdom-based corporation Lex Service, PLC, in a management and sales capacity. He also served as an Agent Manager for International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. Mr. Acacio stepped up to direct INFINITE’s predecessor company, California Software Products, Inc. (CSPI) in 1998.

Under Bruce Acacio’s management, CSPI created the BABY/36 and BABY/AS 2000 products, which went on to earn several accolades. Initially marketing its services to users of AS/400 systems, CSPI began expanding its reach into other markets and went on to re-brand itself as California Software Corporation. Bruce Acacio continued managing the company as it became a leading example in the fields of legacy extension, business intelligence, and financial services software.

As CPSI’s CEO, Bruce Acacio(IT Entreprenur) was responsible for the development and release of the INFINITE software line, further stratifying the company’s position as a reliable information technology (IT) solutions supplier. Software Magazine honored the company as part of the Software 500 in 2005. Through strategic acquisitions and strong partnerships with the likes of HP Software Division to provide the best possible solutions for California Software’s purchasers, Bruce Acacio grew the company into its current embodiment as INFINITE Software Corporation in 2007. INFINITE continues its forerunners’ legacy of leading software production. The company operates out of locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, with over 100,000 of its products installed in 56 countries.

Apart from his experience in the leadership of (INFINITE Software)Bruce Acacio also holds a law degree from the St. Thomas School of Law in Miami Gardens, Florida, and maintains his membership with the American Bar Association. Mr. Acacio’s interests include running and reading, and lists William Faulker’s Light in August and Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 among his favorite works.

Bruce Acacio – Chief Executive Officer Driven by Growth & Welfare

Bruce Acacio – Professional Summary:   As CEO of Infinite Corporation, Bruce Acacio oversees the development of the company’s growth and expansion internationally. During his tenure, Bruce Acacio helped to increase the number of products offered by the company from just 2 products to more than 300. He also shepherded Infinite’s operational growth from 1 location to more than 20 locations on 4 continents. The responsibility for daily operations as well as maintaining client relations and strategic partnerships also falls to Bruce Acacio in his post as CEO of the corporation. 

Under his leadership, Infinite Corporation enjoys a reputation as a leader in IBM midrange migration and modernization technology. Beginning with just a few programmers and a small office, the company landed Honeywell International as its first client. Today, Bruce Acacio that boasts 100,000 installations in 56 countries.

As an example of the company’s expansion, in 2009, Mr. Acacio secured an agreement for Infinite Corporation to serve as a national seller of Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Enterprise portfolio. The move allowed Infinite Corporation to integrate regional selling strategies into HP’s 11 core U.S. markets.

A believer in corporate giving, Bruce Acacio  translates a portion of the company’s success into assisting charities and nonprofit organizations. In 2011, Mr. Acacio and Infinite Corporation chose Mama’s Kitchen in San Diego, California. Mama’s Kitchen provides 3 meals a day, 365 days a year to people affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer. Originally, Mama’s Kitchen offered home deliveries of meals. Today, its services include donating groceries to bolster people’s food budgets. 

Bruce Acacio earned a B.S. in Business as an undergraduate at Duquesne University. He went on to study law at St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Bruce Acacio – Professional Experience:

INFINITE Corporation 
Irvine, CA US 

Developed and executed a plan for global growth and expansion from two products to more than 300. From 1 location to more than 20 on 4 continents. 
strategic planning for continued growth and operational responsibilites for day-to-day operations. 
Dramatic company growth by developing strong and enduring client relationships and beneficial strategic partnerships.

Bruce Acacio – Education:     

Duquesne University 
Bachelor of Science 
Pittsburgh, PA US 
09/1/1979 — 06/1/1982 

 St. Thomas University School of Law 
Miami Gardens, FL US 
09/1/1985 — 06/1/1988

Bruce Acacio – Interests:

Litigation, Gym/Running Winning look